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about us

Evangel Children’s Home (ECH) is a subsidiary of the Evangelical Free Church of China. It was founded by Ms Ruth Sundquist in 1956. Because of the increasing demand for such children’s services, the HK Government allocated a place to build a living quarters for the children. At the same time, an American pastor named Wilbur Nelson raised funds for the living quarters through his radio broadcast in the USA. In 1963 the living quarters was built. The services of the ECH include providing food, shelter, counseling and spiritual guidance to children and youth. ECH is a registered member of the Hong Kong Council of Social Services, member of The Community Chest of Hong Kong and is a registered charitable organization in Hong Kong.

Through the love of Jesus Christ, Evangel Children’s Home serves children and youth with purposes of nurturing them to grow maturely......
Board of Directors
A few Christians are called by our Lord to serve with their professional skills to serve Evangel Children's Home......
In view of different children needs in different era, ECH develops more services to echo societal development.
Annual Reports, Research Reports and Newsletters
ECH Anuual Reports, Annual Financial Reports, Research Report and Newsletters
Privacy Policy
Evangel Children’s Home is committed to protecting your privacy. We use the personal date collected on the website for designated purposes.