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Our Story

Use of Funds from Sponsorship Programme

  • Tutorial classes and  academic improvement programmes
  • Extracurricular activities & Interest classes
  • Service and facility improvement projects

Programme Highlight

  • Sponsorship fee: at least HK$250 per child per year. If affordable, we encourage sponsors to support more children.
  • Sponsors will be invited to our “Sponsors Activities”.
  • ECH newsletters will be sent to sponsors to share our progress and development.

Procedure for Renewal of Sponsorship

  • A renewal letter will be sent to sponsors upon the expiry month of sponsorship, to invite our valuable sponsors to give continuous support to the programme.
  • If sponsors intend to terminate their sponsorship, please kindly notify ECH by email ( or call 2323 least one month before the termination.
  • If we have not received sponsorship fees within 6 months after the expiry of sponsorship, we will consider the sponsors withdraw from the programme.


60th Anniversary
Stories of Children & Youth
Most children can grow up happily in a caring environment with the love of parents. However, some children are victims of their problematic or broken families – negligence and abuse are examples. To help those children getting over their trauma and grow strongly in their life afterwards, we cannot rely solely on material supplies, professional intervention of our social workers, house parents and volunteers and counseling service can greatly help.
Message from Sponsors
Some sponsors contribute time on nurturing children or youth on top of financial sponsorship
Video Clips
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