Day Care Service
(S.E.N. 3.0 – Integrated Service)

The “S.E.N. 3.0” – Integrated Service aims to provide one-stop care, training and family support services for children with special learning needs.

Service Users  

The children aged 6-13 years old and study in mainstream primary schools and assessed with special learning needs. (They mainly come from CSSA Scheme beneficiaries or low-income and deprived families in lack of proper people to take care of children during the day).

Service Targets  

Family Focused Strengthen family unity and promote family harmony
Children-oriented To customize developmental activity and SEN (Special Educational Needs) training to cater for the special needs of the children.
Community Based Strengthen the family’s supporting network with local community.
Empowering Caregivers Strengthen the parental and primary caregivers’ parenting effectiveness, empower them, and to alleviate parenting stress.

Service Hours

School days : 3:00pm – 10pm
Weekend and School holidays : 8:00am – 6:00pm

Service Content

  • After-school care classes (extended services include: meals, school holidays and event day care service and extended care at evening time)  
  • Growth group, various interest classes, training camps, life skills training
  • Clinical psychologist case consultation, speech therapy services, sensory integration training
  • Parent-child play therapy, parenting counseling
  • Parent-child workshop and camp, parent workshop

Service Fee

Monthly fee will be charged at a fixed amount and at three-levels as follows:

  1. Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) Family HK$1,900
  2. Low-income family (based on “Median Monthly Family Income” of the Census and Statistics Department) HK$2,550
  3. Average family HK$3,150

Participants must declare proof of income, which will then be approved by the social worker (proof of income must be submitted).

Remarks: Extended services are designed for working families in need. We only charge them for meals, and the extended services are subject to social workers assessment. 

Application Procedures

  1. Please fill in the “Inquiry Form” below and send it via WhatsApp at 6011 7793 or email to for ECH’s follow-up assessment.
  2. Alternatively, call our Day Care Service staff at 2323 8224 (extension 224) to get the “S.E.N. School-Age Support Program Form” (applicable for social worker referrals as well). Complete the form and submit by email, mail, fax, or in person.
  3. After submitting the form to our center, social workers will assess the application and arrange an interview.

All applicants must go through an interview process for admission.