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Donation Methods

With donations from any individual or organizations, we can nurture our children with better facilities and provide more recreational/ developmental activities.  We believe that children can grow up as other children in the society when we help children building up positive values.  You are welcome to support us financially by the following items:    

  1. Recurrent Support
  2. ECH Sponsorship Program
  3. Children’s Day Care and Family Support Service
  4. Youth Home with Career Guidance & Counseling
  5. Christianity Education
  6. Tertiary Education Sponsorship for Alumni
  7. Others

For details, please visit the “Services” of our website


Donation Methods:

Cheque Donation

Please make crossed cheque payable to “Evangel Children’s Home”, together with the Donation Form and mail to ECH.


Direct Transfer

Direct Bank-in HSBC account no. 091-8-021940, please send the copy of bank pay-in slip with the Donation Form by fax or email or mail to ECH within a month.


Credit Cards (Visa or Master Card only)

you can choose a monthly basis donation or one off donation. Please fill in the Donation Form, then by fax or email or mail to ECH.



For Monthly Donation by Autopay, please fill in the Donation Form and also the “Direct Debit Authorization Form”(Original copy ) and mail to ECH.



Enjoy PPS donation at any tone dial phone by calling 18031 or through PPS website,  Our merchant code is “9695”. Please return Donation form to ECH by fax or emailor mail to ECH within a month. (Payment Reference Nos.             )


AlipayHK Mobile App.

Please choose > Charity > Helping Children > Evangel Children's Home


1. For monthly donation, annual receipt will be issued at May after the fiscal year.

2. Your personal data will only be used for issuing official receipt and future correspondence with ECH.  

3. For enquiries, please contact our staff at 2323 8224.


Download Donation Form 

Download Direct Debit Authorization Form 

Direct Debit Authorization Form  - Sample