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Corporate Support

CSR Colors the living of ECH Children

        The culture of donations or contributing to the community has been well established in the Western countries.  And the culture was named as “Corporate Social Responsibility” (CSR in short)in the last 2 decades – commercial enterprises use to donate or encourage their employees to take part in volunteer services and etc.  Being a Cosmopolitan City, Hong Kong has not left out in the trend of CSR. More and more companies, no matter large-scale ones or SME, foreign or local ones, encourage their employees to participate in serving needy persons in our society.        

         Being a small-scaled NGO, Evangel Children’s Home have been blessing by lots of companies which agree to the principle of “From the Community, For the Community”.  But we prefer building up long term relationship with commercial enterprises - a few of our corporate partners have been supporting us for 10 years whereas some support us and sponsor the outings for our children for several years.  Sometimes, when volunteers repeatedly take part in their company’s sponsored outing, they are very delighted to see the growing of our children.

         We would not have resources to organize so many activities without the sponsorship of companies and volunteers’ efforts.  Therefore, we would like to send our heartfelt thanks to all sincere companies and their employees who care our children and youth.