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Stories of Children & Youth

U Magazine–12/9/2019 「家人不得不放下我」 - 訪問家舍青年Sally尋求家的意義
Sally從小開始在播道兒童之家生活,每星期至每月一次「度假」(Home Leave)回家,當中有不少難處;轉眼間,她將離家舍獨立生活,面對真正的Home Leave。她在專訪真情分享了心聲。
The first youth enters HKU in 18 years
There have been few youth pursuing their studies in degree courses of local universities in these 18 years after Ms Law serves as the Superintendent of ECH. Law said, “Our girl Ailee is the first youth entering Hong Kong University since I work here.”
Lord Healed Girl's Broken Heart - Inspired to Serve God
Living with grandmother in her childhood, Hannah followed her granny attending Sunday School at church. Seeds of gospel were sown in Hannah’s heart. When she came to live in ECH, God continued to use different persons to spread His love to her.
蘋果日報 - [周末動人] 訪問羅美珍院長 (2016)