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Stories of Children & Youth

The first youth enters HKU in 18 years

      There have been few youth pursuing their studies in degree courses of local universities in these 18 years after Ms Law serves as the Superintendent of ECH. Law said, “Our girl Ailee is the first youth entering Hong Kong University since I work here.”

       Undoubtedly, Ailee’s success to be a student of Faculty of Science of HKU attributes to her own efforts.  Ailee was not working hard when she was entering ECH at her early secondary school life, her academic results were mediocre.  She began to consider the essence of Christianity at Form 4 despite that she attended Christian primary school and attended church gatherings.  She decided not to waste her time anymore since she became a committed Christian, and she sets the objective of serving God in the future with the knowledge she can acquire.

      “My top interest was Speech and Hearing Sciences but the admission requirement was very high. I modified my programme choices after the announcement of DSE results, and finally I was admitted to the HKU. I would explore and see if I can manage to have double Major.  Counseling or Psychology may be my second Major – that would enable me eligible for applying for the Master of Speech & Hearing Sciences.” Ailee shared about her study blueprint before she left ECH.

Thankful to know God in ECH

        Looking back to her living at ECH, Ailee was very thankful that she knew Christianity in depth here and could start building up a relationship with God.  Pursuing tertiary education was her short-time objective from the time she decide to follow Jesus wholeheartedly. 

        Apart from seeking God in her adolescence, Ailee was grateful for the social workers and house parents of ECH, “Whenever I was down, I could approach them to share and they would react with encouraging or understanding attitude. I would like to thank them sincerely.”

       In the past few years, Ailee was supported by a charity foundation, the Incorporate Trustees of Yuk Ching Charity Trust.  Lots of support and encouragement are significant factors to facilitate our disadvantaged youth to achieve their goals.  Thanks God for "angels" from different channels.   


Comprehensive Caring from Heavenly Father

         A friend introduced the concept of “Heavenly Father” to Audrey when she was studying Primary 3 in Mainland China. She was puzzled and couldn’t understand there is a Heavenly Father other than her own father.

         When Audrey came to Hong Kong a few years later after the puzzling, she came to live in ECH and our former Chaplain helped her to solve her query. “Chaplain gave me some Christian pamphlets to read and explained the gospel to me. The very first time I joined the fellowship, I did not have special feeling.  But I was very touched by a hymn and thinking of Crucifixion of Jesus Christ, I cried heavily.  Not long after, I understood Christianity clearly and became a Christian, then started my church life.”

         Audrey and some other ECH youth joined summer activities of E.F.C.C. – Tung Fook Church the next year, they knew a mentor called Isabel.  Soon Audrey switched to Tung Fook Church which better fits her spiritual growth.  Finally, she baptized in end of 2013.

         When counting blessings from the Heavenly Father, Audrey named a few to illustrate she was in good care both physically and mentally.  “I was taken care by a helper who did not cook very often. I ate lots of snacks at that time. Consequently, I suffered from malnutrition and skin problem. I came to live in ECH after moving in Hong Kong when family crises arose. I can enjoy balanced diets here.”

         Besides, Audrey was thankful for her change in mindset. She was very distressed in the bottom of her heart after childhood traumas, did not want to communicate with people. After becoming a Christian, Audrey said that her feelings of self-pity and low self-esteem diminished. And she ended her sharing by a Bible verse, “When my father and my mother forsake me, then the Lord will take me up.”  Psalm 27:10


Lord Healed Girl's Broken Heart - Inspired to Serve God

          Living with grandmother in her childhood, Hannah followed her granny attending Sunday School at church.  Seeds of gospel were sown in Hannah’s heart.  When she came to live in ECH, God continued to use different persons to spread His love to her.         

          Hannah shared how she became a Christian, “I don’t really understand clearly about Christianity despite I contacted it from my childhood.  Social workers and House Parents went through the gospel with me when I begin living here.  After joining English class and other activities of Tung Fook Church in a summer vacation, I continue attending the church’s gatherings, and finally I baptized in November 2013.”

          Dedicated to follow Jesus Christ, Hannah made changes in different areas and study is her focus at the moment. “I was not very hard working and got the middle place in examination of first semester among 130 students.  I prayed to God in hope of higher motivation to study - I got the 40th around 130 students in the 2nd examination.  I was more aggressive and hoped to enter the “elite class” and I worked harder in the final examination.  My results were better than my expectation and I got the 14th among the whole form.  I am currently motivated to study and hope to serve our Lord in the future after my studies.”

           Another significant change after becoming a Christian was her inner conflicts caused by family issues greatly released.  According to Hannah, she burst into tears when she thought of miserable happenings in childhood.  She prayed in grief at that moment and heard a whisper.  She knew it was the comfort from Holy Spirit, “I can see and know what happened to you.”  She believed that she would not be dragged down by childhood unhappiness.