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Become a Sponsor

The aims of the Sponsorship Programme

  • To share the love and care from the public to the children and youth(Age 6-18) of Residential Home Care Service of ECH.
  • To encourage the personsal development of children and youth, broaden and develop their interests;enhance their learning ability and imporve the living environment
  • To invite the public understand the mission and service of ECH, and encourage the public to give support to these children and youth

Use of Funds from Sponsorship Programme

  • Tutorial classes and  academic improvement programmes
  • Extracurricular activities & Interest classes
  • Service and facility improvement projects

Programme Highlight

  • Sponsorship fee: at least HK$250 per child per year. If affordable, we encourage sponsors to support more children.
  • Sponsors will be invited to our “Sponsors Activities”.
  • ECH newsletters will be sent to sponsors to share our progress and development.

How to join

  • Please fill in ECH Donation Form and choose the method of donation and return to ECH or
  • Click to our link >“Support us”>“Donation Methods” , and download the Donation Form
  • ECH reserves the right to accept, reject or terminate any application and spornsorship

Procedure for Renewal of Sponsorship

  • A renewal letter will be sent to sponsors upon the expiry month of sponsorship, to invite our valuable sponsors to give continuous support to the programme.
  • If sponsors intend to terminate their sponsorship, please kindly notify ECH by email ( or call 2323 least one month before the termination.
  • If we have not received sponsorship fees within 6 months after the expiry of sponsorship, we will consider the sponsors withdraw from the programme.