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Youth Home Services

Service Objective:

To motivate the disadvantaged youth to build up self-confidence and prepare them to become self-sufficient (financial) by joining the work force

Target users:

  • Youth aged 18 – 20, from broken families 

  • Lack family and financial support

  • Need to have work incentive

  • Physically and mentally healthy

  • Bad habits like smoking and alcoholism are prohibited

  • Have to obey Youth Home regulations

Service Content:

  • 2 youth of the same gender sharing a room

  • Instructors and Social Worker provide guidance on career and future living arrangement

  • To build up supporting social network

  • To enhance resilience through living skills training, interpersonal skills and spiritual nurturing.

Career Guidance:   

Instructors help the youth to line up job opportunities or seek job training program    

Duration of Stay: 

Maximum 2 years