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Right Care, Right Time (2Rs) Project Phase 2


Phase two of the Right Care, Right Time (2Rs) Project is jointly organized by Evangel Children's Home, Precious Blood Children's Village and Sisters of the Good Shepherd. It provides comprehensive care plan for children and adolescents of the three agencies. 

This project is co-sponsored by Chan Dang Social Services Foundation (major sponsor) and Sino Group - Ng Teng Fong Charitable Foundation (sponsor). Evangel Hospital is our co-operation partner which provides medical and psychological services for three years started in December 2017.



  • This project provides timely and appropriate care plan and short term medical services to children & adolescents of the three agencies.
  • In response to the increasingly complex problems of children and adolescents, Wholistic Care model will be adopted and executed through case planning by the Transdisciplinary Care Team (TCT).
  • If long-term services are required, medical professionals will refer cases to public facilities for future follow-up.
  • Together with The Open University of Hong Kong, more research data will be collected for pursuit of becoming a permanent service in the long run. 

Target Users

Children or adolescents suffering from physical symptoms, emotional or mental distress and need services of the medical team for treatment and counseling.

Case Referral

Cases need to be referred by case workers and approved by superintendents.



Service Scope

  • Early identification of needs in all aspects of child development.
  • Initial diagnosis and referral by family doctors, who help improve the children's physical and psychological health through intervention at an early stage.
  • Transdisciplinary care team is responsible for case review and discussion of treatment plans. Team members include family doctors, psychiatrist, psychologist, paramedical staff, social workers and residential staff.
  • Various training will be designed for children and caretakers to enrich their knowledge and confidence.          
  • Broadcast project effectiveness through different media and discover opportunities for longer term service.

Project Effectiveness

  • Based on principle of early intervention, shorten the waiting time for health screening and medical services, and strive for the best timing of intervention and treatment.
  • To maintain physical and emotional health of children and adolescents of the three agencies, increase their ability of self-care and opportunities of positive development.