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Day Care Service

Target users:

Full-time primary students from low-income families and they lack proper care if stay at home alone after school

(Examples of family problems: single parent, low income, parents suffering from mental or emotional illness, attention or emotion problem of children, etc.)


Service features:

Children-centered – we encourage holistic development for the well being of children

Family focus – we provide an alternative for residential home care services and children could be avoided separation from parents/families.

Community based – help families of users develop supporting network in local community


Service Content:

  • Service hours:    School days: 3pm – 10pm

                                      Saturday and School holidays: 9am – 6pm                                                         

  • Meals provision (School days: dinner ; Non-school days: lunch & dinner)
  • Tutorial assistance 
  • Daily living skills training (personal hygiene & simple house chores are examples)
  • Variety of recreational activities include indoor & outdoor ones
  • Counseling service
  • Parent-children relationship improvement and Parenting skills workshops
  • Temporary care service for 4 children in case of parent's unexpected unavailability of taking care of their children - the temporary care can be up to 48 hours
  • Emergency children’s care (need to be referred by Social workers)
  • Help children’s parents to develop supporting network in the community
  • “Care the Carer Project” : we provide “Respite Care” to 8 children times per year, aim at providing a temporary release of stress to needy parents    
  • Provide vocational skills training to parents with healthy situation
  • Provide short-term or part-time job to parents of low-income families – be a starting point of encouraging them to join the workforce


Service Fee:

It is a Non-Government Subvented service.

We charge service fee according to family financial status and we need to raise funding from charity foundation and commercial sector.



1. Please fill in Application Form

2. Please fill in Referral form to be filled by social workers 

3. Send Application Forms and Referral Form to ECH by hand or by fax

4. ECH's social worker would make appointments with applicants after the referrals.   


Download Area (Chinese version only)

Day Care Service Application Form  

Day Care Service Application Form (Emergency) 

Day Care Service Referral Form