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Residential Home Care Service


To insure the basic rights of children such as accommodation , physical development and things related to their well-being.

To cultivate them with well-rounded and healthy personal development.

To develop their social skills, self-care ability for their future independent life in the society.

To guide the children to know the gospel.

Capacity: 81 children and youth

Target Clients: 6 - 18 years old children and youth from broken and difficult families 

Services Content:

Provide a comfortable home and a caring environment.

Supervise their daily routine and self-care training.

Provide tutorial asssistance.

Develop case plan for every child to cater for their individual needs.

Organize interest class to develop their talents.

Recreational activities and social gatherings to enhance their interpersonal skills.

Religious activities to facilitate children's spiritual growth.

4 Houses:

We provide family-like environment for the children. Each child learns to be responsible and strengthen their self-care ability.  They are responsible for household chores and the care for others.  Our children are sub-divided into 4 houses as follows:
  Peter House : For secondary school boys
  Esther House: For secondary school girls
  Wilbur House: For primary or junior secondary school boys
  Ruth House  : For primary or junior secondary school girls



Case Conference is arranged regularly with children's guardians, parents, referring social workers, school teachers and others in order to provide quality care. An individual growth plan is worked out to encourage their holistic growth and development in different areas, such as emotions, social skills and academic performance.


Financial Support

We are mainly subsidized by the following sources:

Social Welfare Department

Charitable Fund

The Community Chest of Hong Kong


General Public

In order to improve the quality of our services for our children, we have to employ more frontline staff at our own costs to take care of children's needs.


Application and Referral Method

Method of Application

All our intake of children are made by social workers through the respective Central Referral System for Residential Child Care Services of the Social Welfare Department.

Interviews will be arranged for assessment.


Residential fee is waived.  However, parents, relatives or guardians are responsible to pay for the child’s daily needs, medical, miscellaneous expenses incurred in schooling,etc.

Service Termination

Prior case conference for termination of services is stipulated, in which formal discharge plan would be arranged collectively with children, social workers and the guidance.