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In 1950s when ECH was established, the overall living standard of Hong Kong was quite poor. Some parents might not be able to afford financially taking care of all children if they have many children. Or some parents died in their early years.  Our society has been changing a lot. The children transferred by Social Welfare Department to Evangel Children’s Home, are seldom orphans. Most of their parents are either mentally or physically ill which make them unable to play the parenting role, or they committed different kinds of criminal behaviors.

From the very beginning of ECH’s establishment in 1956, we have been providing “Resident Home Care Service” – but serving children of different ages as time went by. We are currently providing 3 kinds of services:

  1. Residential Home Care Service
  2. Day Care Service (S.E.N. – Shine. Empower. Network)
  3. Youth Home Service (2nd Chance in Life -Transitional Youth Sponsorship Program)


Residential Home Care Service
Accommodate children and youth aged 6 -18 from broken or problematic families
Day Care Service (S.E.N. – Shine. Empower. Network)
The "S.E.N. School Age Support Program" aims to provide one-stop care, training and family support services for children with special learning needs.
Youth Home Service (2nd Chance in Life -Transitional Youth Sponsorship Program)
The Youth Home Service was started in Oct 2011 to serve the disadvantaged youth.
Christianity Education
Our emphasis in Christian education permeates all aspects of our services.
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Historical footprint
Right Care, Right Time (2Rs) Project Phase 2
It is aimed at providing comprehensive care and timely & appropriate medical services to children and adolescent residents in the short term.